Life after Laser Eye Surgery

There is a very good reason why Laser Eye Surgery is one of the most popular elective surgeries in the world, (over 30 million people having undergone the transformative procedure) and that reason is: it works!


Laser Eye Surgery is the one of the few minimally invasive surgeries that yields instant results, which means patients leave with perfect 20/20, never having to use their prescription lenses again.

No more excuses – get out there and get active!

It’s no secret that if you wear corrective lenses sometimes they can be a hindrance when it comes to outdoor activities as well as simple day-to-day routines. After Laser Eye Surgery, it’s the little things that make all the difference!

  1. Waking up and seeing things in perfect focus – the only time this happened before was when you realize you’ve slept with your contacts in by accident.
  2. Jumping in the shower and not having to squint to figure out which bottle is the shampoo. Plus, no more hit-and-miss shaving!
  3. Exercising is a whole new ball game after Laser Eye Surgery – cycling, hiking, swimming, you name it, there’s no stopping you now.
  4. No more swapping between your glasses and prescription sunglasses.
  5. Say cheese! There’s no more annoying reflection to worry about when the camera flashes.

Be informed of the possible side effects

While most patients experience only mild discomfort after Laser Eye Surgery, which are treated using eye drops, some other side effects may occur that usually dissipate after a day or two. These can include excessive tearing, red eyes, mild light sensitivity or the sensation that something is in your eye.

Lifetime Care Guarantee at Optilase

The Laser Eye Surgery procedure uses a cool laser beam to remove corneal tissue and is carried out under topical anesthetic which means you won’t feel a thing.


At Optilase, as a testament to our confidence in any out our procedures, Laser Eye Surgery patients enjoy a Lifetime Care Guarantee which means that if your eyesight regresses you can receive further corrective treatment at Optilase at no added cost.


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