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Lifetime Care Guarantee at Optilase Clinic

Optilase are proud to be able to offer our laser eye surgery patients a Lifetime Care Guarantee.


Unlike other clinics that claim to offer a Lifetime Care Guarantee but then charge their patients for further surgery, Optilase is the only Laser Eye Clinic in Ireland to offer a comprehensive Lifetime Care Guarantee to patients, without any time limit or expiration date.


Consistently outstanding clinical outcomes, pride in our team and exemplary customer care give us the confidence to promise our patients excellent, permanent results. Optilase offer a comprehensive aftercare programme which ensures that in the event of a deterioration of your eyesight (not including Presbyopia), we will provide enhancement surgery free of charge, for life.


When might I need to use the Lifetime Care Guarantee?


Although we use only the most advanced technologies available today to ensure that the possibility of needing an enhancement is minimal, regression, meaning old vision problems start to reoccur can happen in a very small number of cases.


Approximately 5-7% of laser eye surgery cases worldwide experience regression. This can usually be corrected with further laser eye surgery known as enhancement surgery. Terms and conditions apply.





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