IntraLase sets a whole new
standard for Laser Eye Surgery


IntraLase sets
a whole new
standrard for
Laser Eye

What is IntraLase?

IntraLase – the Revolutionary, No-Blade Vision Correction System

IntraLase is a new, state-of-the-art laser eye treatment that is helping patients to see clearly again without the need for contact lenses or glasses. This revolutionary treatment is just one of many that we offer here at Optilase. We would be delighted to tell you more and to arrange a free consultation at your convenience.

Our world-class surgeons have carried out thousands of procedures, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We use an innovative, “no-blade” procedure that produces cleaner and more accurate results than many other LASIK techniques. If you have always wanted to experience clear vision upon waking, IntraLase is the perfect solution.

Exceptional Vision Correction for An Affordable Price

IntraLase is the most advanced and accurate way to create the flap required during the LASIK procedure. We use what is known as Femtosecond (quadrillionth of a second) laser pulses to create the flap. This is one of the safest and most successful methods of laser eye surgery and one that delivers exceptional correction to a patient’s vision.


Step 1

With IntraLase, tiny pulses of laser light, a quadrillionth of a second each, pass harmlessly through the outer portion of your cornea and form a uniform layer of microscopic bubbles just beneath the surface of your eye.

Step 2

The exact dimensions of this layer of bubbles are determined by your surgeon based on what’s best for your eye, and are computer controlled for maximum precision. The IntraLase flap creation process takes about 15 to 20 seconds per eye and a total of 10 minutes for the entire LASIK procedure.

Step 3

When it’s time for your LASIK procedure to be performed, your surgeon easily lifts the flap to apply the LASIK procedure. When LASIK is complete, a flap created using IntraLase is able to “lock” back into place. Your eye then begins to heal rapidly.

Benefits of the IntraLase Method

  • With IntraLase the recovery rates are excellent, because the flap fits so neatly back into place
  • IntraLase enables complete tailoring of the corneal flap for the needs of every patient, and for each individual eye (all eyes are different)
  • IntraLase can improve precision and visual results of LASIK, whether you choose to have a standard or CustomVue procedure
  • IntraLase is of particular benefit to patients with steep, flat or thin corneas, who wouldn’t be eligible for surgery using a standard microkeratome (older technique using a blade to create the flap)
  • In general, laser eye surgery has a very low complication rate – and the IntraLase reduces the possibility for complications even further

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