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What is iDesign

What is iDesign?

Each person’s eyes are completely unique; just like a fingerprint. 

For this reason, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase; instead, each eye is carefully mapped and a treatment plan developed so the surgeon can work with the individual characteristics of each eye. 

Mapping the eye and gathering measurements and data has been made even more effective with the advent of the iDesign machine; an advanced system that allows optimal treatment. 

The iDesign machine works by incorporating several different types of measurements into an eye scan: wavefront aberrometry, new-technology corneal topography, autorefractometry, keratometry and pupillometry. 

iDesign offers outstanding accuracy, and ability to measure tiny details of the eyes. It’s a highly specialised piece of equipment to garner even better results and increase the precision of laser eye surgery.

Your eyes are unique; just like a fingerprint. The iDesign technology captures accurate information about them 

What is laser eye surgery?

iDesign can capture information about your eye prescription at over 1200 separate points on the cornea; the outer part of the eye. Using this information, the ophthalmic surgeon can then make a precision treatment plan to address even the tiniest of imperfections of the eye. It’s a completely customised treatment and allows incredibly accurate measurements at the click of a button.

 The information captured makes a meticulous blueprint of your eye; is transferred into the computer guided laser and the identified imperfections can then be accurately corrected.

iDesign is ideal for treating complex and high prescriptions as it provides so much data about the eye, for the best possible results.

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