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Sean Flanagan’s Inlay Procedure Testimonial

“I love finding glasses around the house now, because
I get the pleasure of throwing them into the bin.”

“Hi, my name is Sean and I have perfect vision for 3 weeks now. There were no surprises with the surgery. I went in the morning at the time they allocated and everyhting went smoothly. They told me as I went along what was happening and what they were doing and I felt no pain at all. I could get up in the morning, read my iphone first thing in the morning, which I wasn’t able to do prior to the surgery. My wife is delighted because I was stealing her glasses a lot of the time and now she is losing them herself so she is considering having the same treatment done. Talk to the people in Optilase, they don’t pressure you, they don’t force you. You don’t have to have it done but you will see the advantages of having it done.


I love finding glasses around the house now because I get the pleasure of throwing them into the bin. It’s changed my life for the better.”

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