Paul Munsanje’s Laser Eye Surgery Testimonial

“I could see in the distance what used to be green blobs
were now trees with leaves!”

“At the free consultation, I was able to have a chat with the optometrist and after assessing my vision and answering all of my questions about what to expect, I was happy to go ahead with things, I was fully reassured. The procedure was quite short, maybe 5 or 10 minutes lying down. I remember having to focus on a little red light in the distance. My surgeon told me that I’d feel a little pressure but before I knew it, I was done! Later on when I was walking around outside, I could see in the distance what used to be green blobs were now trees with leaves! It was a good feeling to be able to see things properly. My vision wasn’t that bad before. I only used my glasses maybe half the time or a third of the time but it was really worthwhile to have the surgery done for that improvement. For people who have to wear glasses all of the time, I can imagine it would be an even greater improvement for them.”

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