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Celia Holman Lee’s Laser Eye Surgery Testimonial

“Now I can read my iPad, computer,
the newspaper apps on the phone – everything!

“I lost my ability to see things up close, and became completely reliant on reading glasses. It really drove me nuts. I couldn’t read my phone, no matter how big the font was; I even had trouble putting on eye makeup using a magnifying mirror – sometimes I had to try to do it wearing the glasses. Every day without fail I’d put them down somewhere in the office and everyone would have to hunt madly for them, or I’d leave them behind in restaurants, or lose them at the bottom of my bag and be fishing around frantically. I remember once I was doing fashion workshops at a show and forgot them- totally stuck. What can I do from there? I couldn’t read anything; I was only looking at fuzzy pictures.
Recently, I was excited to hear Optilase had a solution to my near vision problem called Presbia Vision Solution. I was apprehensive initially – you would be when it comes to your eyes – but the Optilase team were so meticulous in explaining every detail, step by step, that I was reassured. Surgeon Wayne Crewe Brown was very candid – he explained it doesn’t give you back the eyesight of your youth, but it takes away the dependency on glasses. So I decided to go ahead with the treatment.
During the treatment I felt nothing other than a slight pressure, and it’s so quick. There’s no bandages or anything – the only thing was I couldn’t wear eye makeup for 10 days after surgery, so I went to events anyhow and explained I’d just had Presbia surgery. People were fascinated! It’s such a clever procedure, and now I can read my iPad, texts, computer, the newspaper, apps on the phone – everything. This tiny little thing in my eye has made a massive difference in my life.”

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