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Sightsavers Partnership

At Optilase, we are both committed to, and work hard at, giving the people of Ireland perfect vision. We invest heavily in our team of people, in the best technology and in our clinics – all to ensure that our patients get the very best results that they possibly can. Our commitment to excellence and the strength and depth of our team gives us the confidence to offer all our customers a Lifetime Care Guarantee as standard with all of our treatments. But that’s not all.


At Optilase, we believe that sight is a basic human right and that everyone – including those in the world’s poorest countries – should have access to the treatment and eye care that they need to enable them to see.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that more than 314 million people world-wide live with serious visual impairment. Of these, 37 million are blind, 124 million have low vision and a further 153 million are visually impaired due to uncorrected refractive errors. The saddest part is that 80% of blindness is preventable, but only for those with access to quality eye care services. As with poverty in general, Africa carries a disproportionate burden of blindness and visual impairment, representing 19% of the world’s blindness for only 10% of the world’s population.


At Optilase, we believe that sight is a basic human right
and that everyone should have access to eye care.




Optilase and Sightsavers Partnership


Sightsavers works tirelessly to help cure people who have reversible eye conditions as well as prevent people from becoming needlessly blind.


On April 1st 2011, Optilase signed a partnership agreement with Sightsavers, whereby Optilase will contribute funds and expertise to Sightsavers for three years – specifically to help Sightsavers construct an eye department at Nampula Central Hospital in Nampula, Mozambique and to help train their local eye care experts and volunteers.


The aim of Sightsavers’ programme in Nampula is to strengthen the capacity of the Central Hospital so that it can deliver the full range of eye care services to treat the 1.3 million people currently affected by blindness and visual impairment in Nampula Province and to meet the eye care needs of the people living in the surrounding Province.


To do this, Sightsavers needs two things: funding to help build the eye department at the hospital and skills training for the various levels of ophthalmic personnel working within the project.


The current eye care centre is severely overcrowded and unable to cope with the large numbers wishing to receive cataract surgery, other eye surgery and refractive services.



How you can get involved


We are keen to do our part and we are encouraging people to get behind the Sightsavers initiative. You can do that, by donating in any of our clinics or log onto www.sightsavers.ie


For more information on the Sightsavers partnership, you can email info@optilase.com or fill out the contact form above right.



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