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Reading vision correction suitability check

Find out here if the Reading Vision Correction Inlays can help you improve your reading vision.

Take a few minutes to complete this online questionnaire below and learn if you are a suitable candidate for the Inlay Solutions KAMRA and Presbia, the innovative treatments for presbyopia, or blurred near vision.


I haven't had any eye proceduresLaser eye surgeryCataract surgeryOther

I need them to see well at all distances (near, far and in between)I need them only when I am reading (newspaper, menus, mobile phones etc)I need them only when I'm working on my computerI need them to see street signs

All the timeOccasionallyRarelyNever, I don’t wear reading glasses

ComputerReadingDrivingPhysical activityOther

Below 4040 to 45Between 46 - 50Between 51-65

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