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Reading Vision Correction at Optilase

Do you have difficulty reading fine print, menus, labels or your mobile phone? Do you find you’re suffering from eye strain when reading or does your vision blur when transitioning between near and far distances? Are you aged between 40 and 65? As we get older, we lose our near vision. The technical term for this loss of crispness and clarity of near vision is ‘presbyopia’.


What is Presbyopia?


Presbyopia is the loss of ability to focus on near objects as the eye ages. It happens when the eye’s natural lens loses its flexibility and stiffens with age.


Presbyopia is the reason that reading glasses become necessary, even for people who have excellent distance vision. It’s an inevitable condition, whether people have had previous laser eye surgery or not.


People with presbyopia have difficulty reading menus, phones, newspapers, magazines, labels, watches and other objects close-up.


As we get older we lose the sharpness of our near vision.
The technical term for this loss is presbyopia.


It could be extremely frustrating when you lose the ability to see near objects clearly. Reading a blurred electronic tablet, or an out of focus menu in the restaurant could be quite a struggle. Checking out a price tag while shopping or trying to read a text message on your mobile phone can turn into quite an effort. Daily routines, such as reading the paper or putting on make-up can be difficult when they are not in focus.




Reading Vision Correction Solutions


The most suitable treatment for you will be discussed at a consultation with one of our experienced Optometrists and will take your current prescription and lifestyle into account. Both treatments are entirely painless and take on average, less than 10 minutes, allowing the patient to resume most activities the very next day.


What are the Criteria for Reading Vision Correction?


As a general rule patients selection criteria are as follows:


  • Age 40-65 years old
  • Wearing reading glasses for at least 2 years
  • Difficulty focusing on print close-up
  • Have to hold items far away from eye to see them clearly
  • May suffer eye strain or blurred vision


If you are aged between 40 and 65 and experience any of the issues outlined above, you may be suitable for Reading Vision Correction.


Not everyone is a Suitable Candidate for Reading Vision Correction


Presbyopia is quite a specific issue, and it only affects people after age 40; usually becoming quite noticeable by age 45.


It’s solely due to ageing of the eye, so if you are younger than 40 and you have issues with close vision, you’re better suited for laser eye surgery, as your problems require a correction of the cornea. If you are older than 65, it is possible that you have complications other than presbyopia which alter your underlying prescription needs – for instance, cataracts.


If you are over 40 and rely on reading glasses, or cannot see print clearly any longer, book a consultation to see an experienced Optilase Optometrist for a Reading Vision Correction evaluation. Call us today on 1890 301 302 or fill in the form above right and one of our staff members will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


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