Free youself from the
hassle of reading glasses


Free youself
from the hassle of
reading glasses

Presbia Treatment

Do you have difficulty reading fine print, suffer from eye strain when reading, or does your vision blur when transitioning between far and near distances? If so then it is very likely you are suffering from an eye condition called Presbyopia.


Presbyopia is a naturally occurring eye condition which is commonly referred to as “the ageing eye condition”, owing to the fact that it affects everyone to varying degrees, once they reach their forties.


Though some people will notice more profound effects on their vision than others, the fact is that whether you are near-sighted, far-sighted or have enjoyed perfect vision throughout your life, it is almost certain that you will be affected by Presbyopia at some stage of the ageing process.


The first signs of presbyopia are usually evident in a person’s increased difficulty in reading close-up print, to the point where they find themselves having to hold reading materials further and further away from their eyes, just to be able to read the print on a page. The result is that print, which appears blurry and difficult to read when close to the eyes, suddenly becomes a lot more in-focus the further away it is moved from the eyes.


The most common solution to Presbyopia is to use reading glasses, which on the face of it is a cheap and relatively simple solution. The reality however, is that for many people, in particular those who have good long distance vision, reading glasses can actually be a major source of frustration, simply because they have to wear them to read, and remove them when doing other tasks.


Reclaim your visual freedom of years gone by.
The Presbia treatment helps rejuvenate your near vision.


How the eye works for near (reading) vision


Until the age of 40, the lens in the eye is flexible. In order to create a clear image, light rays pass through the lens in a cone shape that converges at a single point on the back of the eye/retina. Muscles surrounding the lens continually adjust its shape so you can focus on objects near, far and in-between.


As we get older, however, the lens hardens and it cannot adjust to bring close up objects into focus. To compensate, we end up moving objects, holding them at arm’s length in order to allow us to bring them back into focus.




How the Presbia inlay works

Presbia is a tiny prescriptive lens which is customised to your vision. It is only 3mm in diameter and about 15 microns thick (one-fourth the thickness of a single human hair).


In a procedure that typically takes less than 10 minutes, the Presbia Microlens is implanted in a small pocket in the cornea of the patient’s non-dominant eye. The pocket seals itself, holding the lens in place at the centre of the visual axis.


Your near vision capability can be improved to see near, far and in-between, resulting in a greatly-lessened dependency or even a zero reliance on reading glasses, depending on the individual. Following a preliminary assessment, and pre operative assessment, we will discuss what sort of results you can expect and help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing this procedure.


The Presbia Flexivue Microlens™ is designed to be easy to implant and removable and replaceable if the patient needs additional power later since visual acuity predictably changes with ageing.




Benefits of the Presbia inlay


  • Enables a full range of clear vision at multiple distances: far, intermediate, and near
  • Allows you to perform most everyday near tasks with reduced or no dependence on glasses
  • The procedure takes on average less than 10 minutes
  • Typically performed in the non-dominant eye
  • Proven, with a decade of clinical research and development


The procedure is a safe, effective, permanent, yet reversible solution for the correction of presbyopia, the normal age-related loss of our near vision. Find out today if you are suitable for this life-changing procedure. Call Optilase today on 1890 301 302 or fill in the form above right and one of our staff members will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Note: Reading Vision Correction consultations are subject to a fee of €80, redeemable against the cost of treatment.


Focus on your life, not your glasses.
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