Winter is the perfect time for Laser Eye Surgery

Winter’s drawing close; the days are getting shorter and darkness seems to take over the entire day. It’s dark going to work; dark coming home-and next summer seems very far away.
If you’ve ever thought of having Laser Eye Surgery, now is a good time to call Optilase and book yourself a free consultation.
Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to hunt around for your glasses on a cold dull morning? Or to be free from the ritual of putting in contact lens, making wild stabs at your eyes as your toes freeze and the clock ticks?
This dark weather means you’ll have to use your corrective eyewear more often, as ambient light is poor. Why not see if you’d be a good candidate for laser eye surgery?
Laser eye surgery techniques are incredibly sophisticated these days; huge advances in medical techniques over the last decade have made laser eye surgery affordable and popular.
It’s ideal for active people; having to use corrective eyewear for any kind of sport if difficult and can be very expensive if you need to get prescription goggles.
Think about getting away for a break next year-somewhere warm and sunny. If you had laser eye surgery now, you’d have a lot less to bring with you when you go.
It would make life more hassle-free when you’re travelling-and just imagine leaning over the side of a boat in warm holiday seas, and dropping your glasses in the drink. Panic stations!
Going for a swim would be easier with having to don corrective eyewear when you get out-and if anyone has ever tried to bring contact lens solution on holiday with them, you take the risk of spilling it/running out/getting it confiscated at airport security.
If the only thing that gets you through a miserable winter is the thought of next summer’s holiday, give yourself one less thing to worry about and say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses this winter. Call Optilase on 1890 301 302 and book your free consultation.