Why phakic (IOLs) could be the treatment for you

Have you discovered that you’re unsuitable for traditional laser eye surgery? At Optilase, we offer an alternative lens treatment known as phakic IOLs. Here’s what you need to know about phakic IOLs:

What are phakic IOLs?
Phakic IOLs are clear implantable lenses that are surgically placed either between the cornea and the iris (the coloured portion of your eye) or just behind the iris. Phakic lenses enable light to focus properly on the retina for clearer vision without corrective eyewear. The key difference between this procedure and RLE is that the natural lens is not removed.

If you are unsuitable or not a good candidate for laser vision correction, then this may be an option. Another benefit is that the procedure is also reversible.

What are the benefits of phakic IOLs?
About four out of five patients are completely free of glasses after Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) with widely used contemporary multifocal Intra ocular lenses (IOLS).

• Clearer vision
• Free from glasses and contact lenses
• The procedure is reversible

Who is a suitable candidate for this treatment?
Those with the below conditions can explore the option of phakic IOLs:

• Myopia (Short-sightedness)
• Hypermetropia (Far-sightedness)
• Astigmatism

You can go about your daily life again if and when you feel able to. One or two days of rest should be sufficient before getting back to your activities. For the eye to heal properly and to avoid complications, it’s important to follow certain rules for the first few days after the treatment:

• For up to 1 week after the treatment you should sleep with an eye patch, in order to avoid rubbing your eye and to avoid contact with any bedding materials.
• You should put drops in your eyes for the first three weeks after the surgery to avoid inflammatory reaction.
• For the first few days after the surgery you should avoid doing things that increase the pressure on your eye.
• For the first few days after the treatment you will receive tablets and drops to avoid any increased eye pressure.
• You are not allowed to wear make up the first week after surgery.
• You are not allowed to go swimming for the first 2 weeks after surgery.

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