Who can get KAMRA inlay lens?

KAMRA inlays are a very clever solution for Presbyopia sufferers, as usually those people have experienced a gradual stiffening of the crystalline lens in their eye as well as issue with the muscles that control it, resulting in problems seeing object very near the eye.
The eye just can’t focus on near objects anymore without help, which is why most of us find we need reading glasses after aged about 40 or so. People who wear contact lens for other vision issues need glasses on top of them, and habitual glasses-wearers need bifocals.
Flexivue Microlens could be the solution to your near-vision Presbyopia problem, but not everyone will be suited to the procedure.
When you make an appointment with Optilase you’ll receive a very comprehensive eye examination to determination whether or not you’d make a suitable candidate for this particular surgery.
The corneal inlay/implant of a Flexivue Microlens will only be recommended is it is an appropriate, effective solution for you.
It’s not usually recommended if you have any of the following conditions;
Cataract (clouding of the lens in your eye)
Glaucoma (a serious disease where the optic nerve itself is damaged, leading to progressive irreversible loss of vision)
Amblyopia (or ‘lazy eye’, a visual disorder causing indistinct vision in one eye even though that eye is physically normal)
Keratoconus (deterioration of the cornea until it’s really thin and causes bulging into a cone shape)
Pterygium (a non-cancerous growth of the conjunctiva)
If you have other medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes; severe allergies; an auto-immune disease or indeed if you are currently pregnant or nursing, your Optometrist will explain why you are not suited to the Flexivue Microlens implant.
Optilase take great time and care with every patient or potential patient who comes to them and will tell you clearly and honestly what is best for you. To find out if you are suitable for this life-changing treatment call Optilase now on 1890 301 302 or visit Optilase website www.optilase.com