Trouble with your near vision? Reading Vision Correction – A simple and lasting solution is only a call away

If you are aged between 40-75 and find reading everyday items like a text on your phone, the newspaper, a price tag or menus a stretch or strain then it’s possible that you are suffering from something called presbyopia. Presbyopia is when we lose our near vision, and it happens to many people as we reach middle age or get older.

Without a doubt suffering from eye strain or vision blur like this can be very frustrating and at times debilitating, so what is the answer ?

Reading Vision Correction
Many people with these symptoms who are tired of not being able to see or read these everyday items with ease, get a treatment called Reading Vision Correction performed. Under this procedure, there are two treatment options available – Kamra and Presbia, both of which are offered at Optilase, Ireland’s No.1 Eye Surgery Clinic.

What are my options?
Both the Kamra and Presbia treatment options use what’s called a ‘corneal inlay’. The most suitable treatment for you will be discussed at a consultation with one of Optilase’s experienced Optometrists taking your current prescription and lifestyle into account. Both treatments are entirely painless and take on average, less than 10 minutes, allowing you to resume most activities the very next day.

Is everyone eligable for Reading Vision Correction?

No, unfortunatley not everyone is a suitable candidate for Reading Vision Correction.
Generally, Presbyopia is quite a specific issue, and it only affects people over 40.

The condition is solely due to ageing of the eye, so if you are younger than 40 and you have issues with close vision, you’re better suited for laser eye surgery, as your problems require a correction of the cornea. If you are older than 65, it is possible that you have complications other than presbyopia which alter your underlying prescription needs – for instance, cataracts.

Find the right solution for your eye concerns
If you are in any doubt about what might be the best solution for your eye concerns, don’t worry. A simple call to the team at Optilase will set up a one to one consultation with an experienced Optometrist who will assess your concerns and put a plan in action for you.

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