Three signs you might need Reading Vision Correction

Having problems with your near vision can be very frustrating. Everyday tasks like reading a text or checking a bill in a coffee shop can become awkward or annoying. The good news is that if you do suffer with near vision problems, Reading Vision Correction might just be the answer.

Here are three telltale signs that the treatment might just be what you’ve been looking for all along.

You have trouble reading fine print clearly
You’ll notice this with newspapers, mobile phone texts, labels on jars, etc. and find yourself holding objects at arm’s length to try to focus clearly on them. It happens to everyone, usually between the ages of 40-65.

You’re over 40 and have near sight problems
Are you aged between 40 and 65? As we get older, we lose our near vision. The technical term for this loss of crispness and clarity of near vision is ‘presbyopia’. Presbyopia, the loss of ability to focus on near objects as the eye ages, happens when the eye’s natural lens loses its flexibility and stiffens with age.

In order to see print clearly, our crystalline lens is squeezed into shape by the ciliary muscles that surround it. This allows the eye to ‘accommodate’; and the lens to change shape so we can read what is on front of us.

It will vary by individual, but once people enter their forties, they may find themselves holding printed material at arm’s length in order to try to see it clearly.

This is because the lens of our eye can no longer change shape easily to ‘accommodate’ near vision, so we compensate for it by moving the object farther away from the eye until we can see it properly. Our arms end up doing the work our eyes should be doing!

You can’t do without your reading glasses
Presbyopia is the reason that reading glasses become necessary, even for people who have excellent distance vision. It’s an inevitable condition, whether people have had previous laser eye surgery or not. People with presbyopia have difficulty reading menus, phones, newspapers, magazines, labels, watches and other objects close-up.

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