The Most Common Eyesight Problems in Ireland



A comprehensive study carried out last year by Bayer found that 56% of Irish people wear glasses, while a further 8% chose to wear contact lenses, meaning that almost two thirds of the population has an eye condition that requires corrective lenses.


The compiled data also discovered that 32% of glasses wearers have being doing so for over ten years.


Glasses and contact lenses are used to treat the most common eyesight problems in Ireland, which are also known as refractive errors.


Refractive errors relate to how light bends in the eye and if the natural shape of the eye causes light to bend inaccurately, a refractive error is present and vision appears blurred.


At Optilase, Laser Eye Surgery is Ireland’s most popular alternative to glasses or contact lenses as the procedure offers those with refractive errors, life without lenses.

Short sightedness

Short sightedness or myopia is one of the world’s most common eyesight problems that is can be corrected with Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase.


Short sightedness affects distance vision so that objects far away appear out of focus.


The cornea which is a clear, transparent layer at the front of the eye is often too curved in those with short sightedness.


When light enters the eye, the cornea bends light too sharply causing is to land in front of the retina at the back of the eye.

Long sightedness

Long sightedness or hyperopia affects near vision making it difficult to read or focus on fine detail at close range.


Usually present at birth, the condition worsens after the age of 40 when the lens loses its ability to change shape.


Long sightedness can be caused by a cornea that is too flat which results in light landing behind the retina.


Laser Eye Surgery increases the gradient of the cornea so that light lands directly on the retina and clear near vision is established.


Astigmatism is a condition that is often present alongside short or long sightedness, but it can also be effectively treated with Laser Eye Surgery.


The natural shape of the cornea should be spherical, resembling a football, but in some instances it can develop in an oval shape, like a rugby ball.


In this instance, astigmatism is present and incoming light rays are dispersed in the eye causing them to land on various focal points at the back of the eye.


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