Sports people who have benefited from Laser Eye Surgery


Sport at the very highest level requires many different and fairly obvious attributes; natural talent and skill, dedication and drive, ambition and desire, focus and hunger.
But one thing which you will rarely hear mentioned when it comes to identifying the prerequisites for becoming a successful sports star is something which is actually blindingly obvious (sorry, couldn’t resist) and that is perfect eyesight!


Laser Eye Surgery and Sport


Of course sports stars are no different to anyone else in that not all of them happen to have naturally perfect vision. In fact, many have battled with vision problems and made it to the top of their chosen sports in spite of having one vision complaint or another.
But of course, being a high level sports achiever is difficult enough – both physically and mentally – without having to also deal with poor vision. And this is why laser eye surgery is really the only long term solution for sports stars who want perfect unerring vision that they know will never let them down when they least expect it!


Rugby, GAA and Golf Stars choose Laser Eye Surgery


Doug Howlett, the leading All Blacks’ try scorer of all time, and of course Munster rugby legend, for years controlled his vision problems by using both contact lenses and glasses. And although he could usually see his way through a rugby match wearing his contact lenses, one shuddering tackle was often all it took for at least one lens to malfunction (ie either fall out, get damaged or simply to the back of the eye), leaving him with no option but to play on with just half his sight courtesy of one functioning eye!


Eventually, Doug decided a few years ago that the uncertainty of contact lenses (will they last the match or won’t they?) simply wasn’t viable in a professional rugby environment; catching a greasy ball was hard enough with two eyes on it never mind just one!


Doug says that he has never looked back since having his laser eye surgery with Optilase and says that: “Prior to having my surgery I was a little concerned about people touching my eyes. In fact it took me ten years to decide to have it done. The only surprise I had with my surgery was how quick it was. I wandered down, it was 15 minutes and I was back out again, it was that simple!”


Donal Og Cusack is another famous sports star who has undergone laser eye surgery with Optilase Clinic. 
Now, if catching a rugby ball that is flung at you whilst your opponent sizes you up is difficult with one eye, then just imagine what it must be like to be a goalkeeper on a hurling field where a small, hard call is flying at you at a speed of up to 100mph!?


Woah. That must be pretty scary right?


Indeed. Well now imagine the scenario where it is coming right at you but you can only see out of one eye because you lost the contact lens in your other eye in an earlier on field incident? 


Now that must not only be doubly scary but also nigh on impossible in terms of shot stopping!
After years of wearing contact lenses – and being faced with exactly this type of scenario – Donal Og, just like Doug Howlett, decided that relying on contact lenses when playing in front of up to 80,000 people week in week out, was just not a sensible or indeed a reliable option; there was always a risk that something would go wrong with at least one lens right when you could least afford it to! 
Once Donal Og underwent laser eye surgery with Optilase, he couldn’t believe the difference it made to his life:
“For the first time in years my eyes were not irritated or dry – It was great to finally get rid of my glasses and contact lenses. The procedure itself was painless and the staff were extremely professional and very attentive.”

Laser eye surgery vs contact lenses on the field of play


Essentially, there has been a whole sea-change of opinion amongst sports professionals (and indeed amongst people as a whole) in terms of their views on laser eye surgery and contact lenses. Whereas in the past, high profile and high achieving sports stars would have been more than a little reluctant to undergo laser eye surgery on the basis that they may have seen it is a risk, the opposite is now the case – ie they now regard wearing contact lenses as a much greater risk in terms of their performance.

Why this sudden about turn? Well, quite simply, the fact is that something can always go wrong with a tiny lens on the eye. A simple ten minute laser eye surgery treatment on the other hand, offers 100% peace of mind on the field of play, every single time, without fail.


Other well known sporting personalities to have undergone laser eye surgery include the likes of Denis Hurley, (who we were delighted chose to undergo his laser eye surgery with Optilase) O’Driscoll and even the legendary Tiger Woods. It was reported that Tiger Woods found contact lenses were cumbersome and distracting in wet and windy weather conditions. It is believed that over 60 PGA Golfers have undergone Laser Eye Surgery to improve their game.


Ultimately, laser eye surgery affords players and performers the opportunity to experience full uninterrupted 20:20 vision all the time.

And simply knowing (rather than hoping) that – no matter what happens on the pitch or field of play – a player need never worry about not being able to see what is happening around them is an invaluable relief and a huge source of comfort and confidence in the context of their sporting career.
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