Sight for Sore Eyes

Most of us spend a huge amount of time staring at computer screen, games consoles or the television. It’s not true that this kind of exposure actually causes permanent damage to your eyes-but it does bring previously undiagnosed eye problems to our attention.
Blurred vision, headaches and eye exhaustion are all side effects of getting too comfy with our various screens, and even people in their twenties, with ‘young eyes’ are vulnerable.

Vision Problems

One of the biggest causes of vision problems stems from our eyes getting very dry, as people actually forget to blink often enough when they’re glued to a screen. Blinking is vital to keep the eyes well lubricated and intense focus means we sometimes just forget.
Add to this the effects of indoor heating or air conditioning, and your eyeballs will be dryer than the Sahara after a few hours. A little trick to relax your eye muscles is to stare at the horizon for a few minutes; to literally stare off into space.
Many of us don’t realise we have vision problems until we continue to experience blurred images or have trouble seeing things properly when we’re away from the computer, and the worsening is gradual.

Ensure your Eye Health

A quick, free consultation with the optometrist at Optilase will check your eye health, and if you are experiencing some difficulties, suggest a treatment before the problem gets any worse.
The advances in the field of eye surgery have been phenomenal over the last decade, and millions of people worldwide have benefited from Laser Eye Surgery to correct their vision, leaving them free of problems and without the need for corrective eyewear.
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