Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Astigmatism at Optilase

People with astigmatism will frequently experience blurred vision, as the eye can’t focus a ‘point’ object into a sharply focused image on the retina.
Astigmatism makes it difficult to see fine details, both close-up or at a distance. It can be really irritating for the patient, and often leads to squinting, headaches and eyestrain, as well as eye fatigue. It’s quite exhausting because there’s a constant battle to focus and the eye muscles get tired.
Small amounts of astigmatism, which are actually fairly common in much of the population, may not be noticed at all. These don’t need any treatment on their own, unless they are accompanied by other refractive errors.
Uncorrected astigmatism that is enough to be noticeable does need corrective treatment, or it will lead to all of the physical symptoms and discomforts mentioned above, as well as blurring and distortion of vision at all distances.

Exams and Tests

The diagnosis of astigmatism is easily made during the course of a complete eye examination. If you wear corrective eyewear, you’ve probably already been diagnosed before you came to Optilase; as a rule astigmatism is detected by your eye doctor by either checking your need for glasses (refraction) or actually measuring the curvature of the front of the cornea by using a keratometer or corneal topographer.
If you haven’t been diagnosed yet, the Optilase Optometrist will immediately assess you as part of your free consultation in order to determine whether your astigmatism can be effectively treated using Laser Eye Surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery as a Permanent Solution

If you are currently wearing glasses or contact lenses to treat your astigmatism, or if myopia or hyperopia are also present, you may be a candidate for Laser eye Surgery.
Bear in mind that neither glasses nor contact lenses permanently correct the curvature abnormality. Modern refractive surgery in the form of Laser Eye Surgery actually reshapes the surface of the eye with a laser, and it is a highly effective method of eliminating the astigmatism.
It’s important to have that free consultation, as there are various considerations involving ocular health, refractive status, and lifestyle frequently determine whether one option may be better than another. Your Optilase Optometrist will discuss all your options with you.
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