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Seeing the Light with Laser Eye Surgery By Holly White – Tuesday February 08, 2011


Having worn glasses since she was at school, Holly White decided to try Laser Eye treatment and say goodbye to her specs.


Ever since I had my eyes tested at age 14, I have needed glasses.


Contact lenses didn’t work for me as my eyes would feel irritated and sore and, an hour or two after putting them in, I had to remove them.


At -.5 and -1.25 my eyesight was not that bad, but I needed glasses for the blackboard in school and for watching TV, the theatre, driving, or if I was ever going to a rugby match or anything like that.


I was too vain to wear my glasses out at night and, consequently, there were many times when I waved back at people across a crowded room with no idea who they were. Sorry if it was you!


If I had watched a lot of TV with my glasses on, when I took them off, my vision was a bit blurry as my eyes had gotten used to the help the glasses gave. As I got older I started to get very mild headaches, which I realised were from squinting and straining my eyes when I wasn’t wearing my glasses, and I decided I needed to do something about it. I didn’t want to wear my glasses all the time and so I began researching another more permanent alternative.


I had the same fears as anyone regarding laser eye surgery. My eyes just seemed too precious to risk, not to mention the fact that you actually have to be awake and coherent during the procedure, but eventually I decided that I would at least research it a bit more and go for a consultation or two.


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