Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing with Laser Eye Surgery


For some, 20/20 vision is but a dream. The prospect of waking and not having to shuffle in search of contacts or immediately reach out for spectacles is one that many feel is out of their grasp. The argument for change certainly stacks up in favour of laser eye treatment, with convenience and finances just two reasons so many people are now taking the plunge.


One of the greatest modern technical advances is daily making dreams come true and improving sight. Since the advent of laser surgery, it is now possible to resculpt the eye to literally change how you see the world.


Optilase on Opera Lane in Cork City is Ireland’s leading technological innovator and provider of laser eye surgery. The company was the first independent clinic in the country and offers a full range of leading treatments and procedures including both LASIK and LASEK eye laser treatments.


What is Lasik Eye Surgery


Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy (LASIK) or ‘IK’ for short, is the most common procedure and the treatment of choice for patients with higher prescriptions.


It reshapes the cornea at the front of your eye by creating a tiny flap, using the laser to make the necessary adjustments to your eye and then replacing the flap.


What is Lasek Eye Surgery


Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy (LASEK) or ‘EK’, is available for patients for whom IK is not a suitable procedure and uses the laser to reshape the cornea. But first the skin on the eye is loosened and then gently shaped before the laser sculpts the necessary adjustments.


Both involve the use of an advanced VISX Star S41R laser, the most precise laser technology in the world, according to its FDA clinical outcome result.


With both the IK and EK treatments, you have the choice of either Premier or Advanced WaveFront Treatment.


According to Optilase, 22 million people across the world have already benefited from the life-changing procedure.


Why Change?


Some folks sit on the fence when it comes to deciding about laser eye surgery as it involves change, but converts maintain that it is like having new eyes.


On top of that, the money spent on replacing glasses and contact lenses and ordering the supplies necessary to keep them working properly can add up over your lifetime.


For many sporty types, eye surgery allows new opportunities to compete in athletic activities without the physical limits that they had while wearing contact lenses or glasses. Swimmers will also realise their potential and suddenly a whole new world opens up.


The Optilase team of highly qualified medical and ophthalmic professionals provide a first class service and understand that you only have one precious pair of eyes.


Clare Hegarty, an Optilase Senior Optometrist, says the procedure does not hurt.


“Eye drops are used to numb the eyes and many say that the assessment is worse than the actual laser. The laser treatment lasts just ten to 15 seconds and feels like a slight pressure on the eye. Nothing more!”


Treatment reduces the dependency on prescription, such as glasses. However, Clare explains that those over 40 years will still require reading glasses.


“Most people over the age of 40 need reading glasses, due to presbyopia, a condition where the eye muscle stops working over time. Laser surgery is for distance sight.”


With a ten to 15 minute treatment, and only requiring a maximum five days recovery, it is a quick solution.


“The most common comment from clients is ‘I should have done it years ago’ and ‘I have a whole new lease of life now’”, Clare says.


Having carried out more than 30,000 eye procedures, Optilase is one of the most experienced laser eye clinics in Ireland.


As there is no Irish regulatory body for laser eye treatment, Optilase voluntarily adheres to the highest standards for patient care as laid out in the UK by The Royal College of Ophthalmologists.


The clinic has treated many sports stars, politicians and Irish celebrities and Dr Hurley, the resident surgeon in the Cork clinic, is seen as one of Ireland’s top surgeons.


The qualified and experienced team of surgeons and nurses are also registered with the Irish Medical Council.


With free consultations and the price of laser eye surgery starting at only €495 per eye, the treatment has become very affordable.


Phone Optilase at Unit 17B, Opera Lane on 1890-301302 for a free consultation or visit The clinic also offers lifetime care guarantee. The clinic is open seven days a week and late nights.