Scared of Laser Eye Surgery?

Many people are frightened by the idea of laser eye surgery-but the reality is that the procedure is incredibly quick and completely painless. You can book a completely free consultation at Optilase Eye Clinic to discover if you are a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery. If so, there is no reason to be nervous.
One of the most common things patients say after laser eye surgery is “I wish I’d had it done before now”.


Knowledge is Power

It helps to know what to expect, so you won’t have any lingering misgivings. The team at Optilase Eye Clinic will give you a list of information before your surgery, and take the time to answer all your questions.
On the day of surgery, you can ask your Ophthalmic Surgeon any other questions you have; he’s only too happy to put your mind at rest.

Before your Surgery


  • You’ll be requested to stop wearing your contact lenses for a while prior to your surgery; this allows the cornea of your eye to return to its normal shape.
  • Make sure that all eye make-up is removed the day before surgery; any lingering traces of mascara make cause a problem with infection.
  • Ensure you have informed the Optilase team about any medications you’re taking, or allergies you may have.
  • Wear comfortable clothing for your surgery, so you’re relaxed for the procedure.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you to and from the surgery, as well as the first follow-up appointment. Even if your vision isn’t blurry the day after surgery, it’s best to get a lift.

What Happens During Laser Eye Surgery

  • Numbing eye drops will be applied to your eyes before surgery; the surface of the eye will feel nothing during the procedure.
  • A speculum will be used to hold your eyelid open for the treatment; it feels a little odd at first but is not uncomfortable.
  • You’ll be awake throughout the entire procedure, which is actually very swift; only a few minutes.
  • The surgeon will use another piece of equipment called laser keratome, a clear plastic plate to flatten the corneas prior to application of the laser.
  • The laser is specifically programmed for your surgery; it is precision controlled and the computer makes adjustment if you look away or move your eye. There is nothing to worry about; the technology used in Laser Eye Surgery is extremely safe.
  • No stiches are required in Laser Eye Surgery; the cornea repairs itself very quickly
  • You must be gentle with your eyes for the first few days after surgery they will be light –sensitive and your vision may be a little blurry, which is why you must have somebody drive you to the clinic.
  • You will also likely be given what are called “artificial tears” and told how and when to apply the drops. This helps to avoid dry eyes.
Excellent Aftercare

The Optilase Team will give you a list of what to do after your surgery; avoiding strenuous exercise, make-up and bending down for the first 24 hours to avoid any undue pressure or risk of infection.
If you do have any unexpected side-effects or you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact your Optilase team immediately. They will either be able to reassure you or advise you to come and see them right away.
Remember, it is important to keep every single one of your post-operative eye appointments no matter how good you feel or how well you see.
There is nothing to fear about Laser Eye Surgery-why not book a free consultation at Optilase Eye Clinic and discover if you’re a candidate for the procedure. Just call 1890 301 302 for the Optilase Clinic nearest you.