Scared of Eye Surgery?

People have a fear of eye surgery. For some reason, most think of giant knives and invasive procedures and shudder, putting off a visit to the Optometrist and putting up with poor vision.
If you ask any patient at Optilase Laser Eye Surgery what their biggest regret is, they’ll say waiting so long to do something about their problem!
Once they have taken that first step of going in for a free consultation and look; if the consultation is free the obstacle in peoples’ heads is usually fear of the unknown-and have their needs assessed correctly, there’s a big sense of relief and understanding.
The advances in the field of Ophthalmology in recent years are phenomenal. Technology, microsurgery, the discover of new biocompatible polymers, an increased understanding of the inner workings of the eye and its connection to the brain-all have been mastered and used to maximum efficacy by Optilase optometrists and ophthalmologists.
Optilase know from talking to their clients that fear is the biggest obstacle to progress in terms of addressing our eye problems. It’s amazing that people have such trouble with their vision; enduring headaches, scrambling to find specs; tiresome corrective eyewear and years of squinting hopelessly at things, before they finally decide to take the plunge and do something about it.
Knowing that you will be well taken care of is vital, and the fact that Optilase have a two-stage consultative process to ensure your specific vision requirements are comprehensively examined is one of the major reasons client s fell comfortable choosing them.
Knowledge is power, and so going through the workings of your eyes, the issues you’re having and the details of exactly how they’re going to fix it is what puts the clients at ease. No longer is eye surgery some complicated nebulous incomprehensible ordeal; instead Optilase make it easily understandable and completely transparent.
You’ll not only speak to an Optometrist, but you’ll meet with the Ophthalmic surgeon who will personally tell you exactly what he’s planning to do and answer any of your questions.
Read The Customer Journey at Optilase for how it all works, from start to finish.