Resolve to Lose Your Glasses for New Year

You probably lose your glasses all the time. It’s one of the disadvantages of having to rely on corrective eyewear to see properly. If you wear contact lens, they’re even more troublesome- always having lens solution, putting them in; taking them out. Forgetting to take them out. Ouch.

Find Out with a Free Consultation

You can be free of your corrective eyewear for 2013 if you’re a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery. You can go to one of the many Optilase Clinics around the country and have a completely free consultation to see if you can be rid of your glasses or contacts.
If you haven’t succumbed to corrective eyewear yet, but have been experiencing vision problems for a while, the Optometrists at Optilase Clinic can correctly diagnose and treat your eye problems. Depending on your particular vision issue, you may benefit form Laser eye Surgery or one of the non-surgical options, like an optical inlay.

Shape of Cornea

If you do wear glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision, or are experiencing noticeable vision problems, chances are that you have a problem with the shape of your cornea. The cornea is the transparent covering at the front of the eye, and as light rays enter it, they are focused on the retina at the back of the eye to form an image.
When the cornea is misshapen, due to any number of eye conditions, the image you see will be blurry. Depending on the eye condition you have, you experience difficult seeing objects up close (long-sightedness); far away (shot-sightedness) or in some cases, both.

Fix Refractive Errors

Problems with the shape of the cornea belong to a group of eye conditions known as refractive errors. Laser Eye Surgery can fix these, using a precision controlled medical laser to reshape the cornea, giving you clear vision again, without the need for corrective eyewear.
When you talk to Optilase, you’ll get proper advice and find out if you could be a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery. If you’d like to experience a world without corrective eyewear this New Year, give them a call-you have nothing to lose but your glasses.
Just call Optilase on 1890 301 302 and book your free consultation with an Optometrist.