Recovery After Laser Eye Surgery

Over 40,000 people across Ireland have elected to undergo Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase, and by doing so have freed themselves of the need to wear glasses or contact lenses to see clearly.

Does it take long to recover after Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase?

The procedure itself takes less than 30 minutes, and because of advances in laser technology, recovery time is speedier and allows patients to return to their normal routine within 24 hours.


During Laser Eye Surgery, topical anaesthetic drops are applied to the surface of the eye so you will not feel anything during the procedure.


Once these numbing drops wear off after Laser Eye Surgery, you may experience some dull pain or mild discomfort as your eye adjusts and begins to heal.


Vision is immediately restored after Laser Eye Surgery, but for the first 8-12 hours eyesight can remain blurred as the surface of your corneas are still healing.

What if I accidentally rub my eye after Laser Eye Surgery?

Patients are fitted with protective goggles after Laser Eye Surgery to ensure that eyes are safe from any dirt or irritants that may cause infection or prevent clean healing.


Furthermore, the goggles will act as a barrier to any involuntary rubbing of the eye that might happen as sometimes it can feel like there is something in your eye post-surgery and the temptation to rub or itch it can be quite strong.


Any disruption to the surface of the eye after Laser Eye Surgery can be detrimental to the healing process, especially if the corneal flap becomes dislodged or damaged.

What can I do to help the healing process?

The eyes tend to be extra sensitive to bright lights immediately after Laser Eye Surgery, so it is best to avoid bright rooms and direct sunlight to avoid causing unnecessary stress to the eye.


Prescription eye drops are issued to patients to help keep the surface of the eye moist. They also work to prevent infection or the eyes becoming swollen. They should be administered a couple of times a day after Laser Eye Surgery.


No makeup should be worn around the eyes during recovery and certain sports and activities must be avoided for a number of weeks after Laser Eye Surgery including swimming and any contact sports.


You’ll be given an instruction sheet with all of these details on it to ensure you know what to do after your eye surgery, and the team at Optilase will always be available to you if you have any questions or concerns.


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