Record Demand for Treatment To Eliminate The Need for Reading Glasses

Did you know that a simple eye treatment means that we no longer have to rely on reading glasses, as we struggle with our near-vision as we get older? Did you know that the procedure is so popular that leading Irish eye clinic, Optilase, has reported a record demand and had to implement a waiting list for the simple, painless, 10 minute procedure, which has been deemed utterly life-changing by countless Irish men and women who were previously dependent on reading glasses.
There’s no getting away from it, presbyopia, this loss of our near vision, affects us all, usually from our mid-40s, even those of us who have enjoyed perfect, 20:20 vision all our lives. Close up print becomes blurred and can be quite difficult to read without the help of reading glasses or extending your arm to impossible limits. Simple tasks like reading this paper, a text, a menu or taking some money out at the ATM can become an issue. Most of us go into denial that our younger, close-up vision is starting to fail us!
Thankfully, there is a solution and impressively, Optilase is the leader in Europe and second in the world for the treatment. Dr Wayne Crewe Brown, Surgeon and Medical Director at Optilase commented:
“This reading glasses treatment has been in development for over a decade and means life-changing benefits for those who are dependent on reading glasses. It restores vision of objects near the eye and reduces dependency on reading glasses, critically without compromising on distance vision. The result is long-lasting, clear vision; near, far and in between.”
Mr. Crewe-Brown has been over 20 years’ experience and has carried out more than 30,000 refractive procedures.
Brian Loughlin had the reading glasses treatment at Optilase and said:
“As soon as I heard that I could get rid of my reading glasses I went for an assessment. Thankfully, I was an ideal candidate. The treatment itself was absolutely painless and took less than 30 seconds per eye! Immediately afterwards, my reading vision was excellent. I no longer have to wear any sort of glasses. It really has changed not only my working life but the quality of my life altogether”.
The procedure involves a tiny in-lay, smaller than a contact lens and one-fourth the thickness of a single human hair which is is placed in a small pocket in the cornea of the patient’s non-dominant eye. The pocket seals itself, holding the lens in place at the centre of the visual axis. Within hours, the patient is typically able to once again see near objects and read fine print once again, without the need for reading glasses.
The actual procedure is painless and takes, on average, less than 10 minutes.. The level of near vision improvement varies from individual to individual but on average candidates can expect near vision to improve three lines or more.
Optilase doesn’t charge for consultations so why not find out if you are a suitable candidate? Optilase is located at Ely Place in Dublin and has clinics nationwide. Contact Optilase on 1890 301 302.