Pupil size and its role in laser eye treatment eligibility

Most people just think of their pupil as a simple a black dot in the centre of each eye that changes shape every now and again.

While this is true, the pupil plays a significant role in determining whether you are suitable for Laser Eye Surgery.

How does pupil size play a role in patient selection for Laser Eye Surgery?
The true size of your pupil can only be determined when its pupillary response to different levels of light is measured.

Constriction of the pupil (miosis) and the dilation of the pupil (mydriasis) are two key measurements that are taken during your free Laser Eye Surgery consultation at Optilase to decide whether a person can undergo treatment.

Why pupil size matters in Laser Eye Surgery
The normal pupil size in adults in bright light is approximately 2-4mm wide, whereas in darkness the pupil can expand to 4-8mm.

If Standard Laser Eye Surgery is performed on patients with larger pupils, it can cause complications post-surgery when the pupil may dilate wider than the zone of treatment.

This can cause light to reflect or bend incorrectly which can reduce the quality of eyesight clarity and/or create problems with colour vision.

There is also a greater chance of night vision being affected in patients with large pupils, which can cause glare, halos or starbursts to appear around light sources in low light environments.

WaveFront Laser Eye Surgery
WaveFront is a form of Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase that can be used on patients that have larger-than-average pupils, as the software used can accommodate for pupils up to 9mm wide without compromising on surgery outcomes.

The WaveFront procedure begins with an in-depth WaveScan being carried out on the corneal surface when the pupil is fully dilated.

This WaveScan creates a 3D map which outlines where the exact correction needs to take place on each cornea.

Corrective treatment is then carefully programmed into a computer-controlled Excimer Laser which performs the correction to each eye, while taking into consideration pupil size.

By accommodating for a greater pupil size using the latest technology, WaveFront at Optilase can create clear vision without compromising on colour vision or night vision.

For more information on WaveFront, arrange your free Laser Eye Surgery consultation at Optilase on 1890 301 302.