How the Presbia Corneal Inlay from Optilase Works

To understand how the Presbia intrastromal inlay works to correct presbyopia, it can be likened to a contact lens, only that it is implanted into the cornea rather than slotted in front of it.


The Presbia microlens is a clear disc that changes the refractive index of your cornea, so that you can clearly see objects up close. It is only suited to treat presbyopia and cannot be used to counteract any other refractive errors.

Cutting edge design

Designed to be only 3mm in diameter and only 15 microns in edge thickness (1/4 width of a single human hair), the Presbia microlens is designed to incorporate different refractive power.


If you think of the microlens like a ring doughnut, there is a 1.8mm central zone that does not have any refractive power, which allows for distance vision to remain largely unaffected.


It is the outer ring that is the refractive powerhouse, suitable for prescriptions +1.25D to 3.50D that has revolutionized near vision correction for presbyopic patients.

Biocompatible with corneal tissue

Using the latest advances in biotechnology, the Presbia microlens is compatible with the biological processes that take place in the cornea and will not aggravate surrounding tissue.


A 0.15mm hole at the center of the lens allows for fluid, oxygen and nutrients to flow through to maintain optimal eye health.

How the inlay works to correct vision

Far vision: Light rays pass through the central zone and the surrounding corneal tissue not covered by the lens and refracts as normal to focus on the retina. Any light that passes through the refractive peripheral area of the Presbia inlay are focused in front of the retina.


Near vision: Light rays that pass through the refractive zone of the Presbia inlay are focused on the retina, while those that enter the central zone will focus behind the retina. Remaining light that go through the rest of the cornea will be blocked from reaching the back of the eye by the pupil.


The entire procedure takes only ten minutes and sight normalizes within a few days so you can put down the reading glasses and enjoy a whole world of vision!


If you are interested in the Presbia corneal inlay to correct your presbyopia, enjoy a free consultation at Optilase by calling 1890 301 302.