Optilase: What The Media Have to Say

At Optilase we like to keep our clients up to date with the latest treatments and services we have on offer. We regularly get some of Ireland’s top media in to the clinic to try out the Optilase service and let their readers know all about the treatments and how it really feels to get Laser Eye Surgery.




Roisin Delaney of Woman’s Way had PRK / Laser Surgery and was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the treatment. She said “The surgery itself blew me away with how quick and advanced it was”.


Roisin was so pleased with the results, on this she said “I had my three month post-op appointment and I’m happy to report that my eyesight is now much better than 20-20. I don’t think my vision was ever this good.” In her full page spread in Woman’s Way Roisin highly recommended the treatment to others “For anyone considering laser eye surgery, just do it. If you’re squeamish let the professionals put your mind at ease and ask them as many questions as you want.”


Keelin Riley of The Irish Sun who had suffered from poor eyesight from a young age was put completely at ease by the Optilase team and said “For many people the idea of a laser anywhere near their eye majorly freaks them out – but I’m here to tell you there is nothing to worry about.” After the short recovery period Keelin was able to bin her glasses and contacts and went on to say “I can’t recommend Optilase enough. I’ve had top of the range aftercare with check-ups and patient care. They are Ireland’s leading eye clinic with the most affordable prices.”




A lot of people feel overwhelmed by the idea of Laser Eye Surgery. We set up an interview with one of our top surgeons and the Editor of Evoke.ie, one of Ireland’s leading lifestyle websites to “Debunk the myths about Laser Eye Surgery”. Hit the link for some insights from one of our experts.


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