Optilase Q&A with Leanne Woodfull

As an in-demand top blogger, you’re pretty busy 24/7. What gave you the push to get Laser Eye Surgery?

Being honest, my eyesight was so terrible and my reliance on glasses so great, that my quality of life overall just wasn’t as good as it should be. I rely on my vision so much (my work, my college course, my interests) that laser eye surgery was the best thing I could have gone through with to improve my overall happiness and my life’s visual experience.


What was the main difference you noticed after getting Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase?

The world around me. Simple things like being able to see the stars, the leaves on trees, birds, sign posts, bus numbers.. everything was clear to me minus glasses, after twenty years of bad eyesight. Things people take for granted visually have become immensely important to me since the surgery.


Many people get a bit nervous about the treatment. Did you have any preconceptions about Laser Eye Surgery before getting it done? And how did the reality of that stack up to your expectations?

I was absolutely petrified; as I mentioned in my own experience blog post, I’ve been terrified of anything going in or near my eyes since I was a child, due to an accident. I wasn’t one of those “Bring it on!” patients at all.

The staff calmed my nerves prior to the surgery so any dramatic ideas I had in my head were put to bed beforehand. The short amount of time for the laser treatment still baffles me to this day though. 15 minutes for a lifetime of vision! Mind blowing.


Did it hurt? Be honest!

It was odd. That’s really the only way I can describe it. Having someone touch your (numb) eyeball and staring into a laser isn’t exactly a normal experience.. it was just very weird. I can’t recall any pain as such though.


How did you find the aftercare process?

Between Optilase giving me thorough instructions, an aftercare guide and making my own charts, it was fine. I made notebook charts to document my eyedrop times and did lists to remind myself that I couldn’t wear eye makeup or to not forget my sunglasses each time I went out. All in all, if you follow the instructions, you’ll be fine.


Do you find that Laser Eye Surgery has made your life easier?

That’d be an understatement! Before the surgery, if I forgot to take my glasses out, there’d be no point in me even going to college – I wouldn’t be able to see the screen, let alone my notes. Now I don’t even have to think about them. It’s taken such a weight off of my shoulders.


And finally, now that you’ve tried it out yourself – would you recommend Optilase to our readers?

100000000% yes. Go for it. 15 minutes staring into a laser equates a lifetime of vision. What’s not to recommend?