Laser Eye Surgery – Post Surgery Aftercare – Everything you need to know

Congratulations – you’ve bit the bullet and booked your Laser Eye Surgery, 20/20 vision is just around the corner!

Laser Eye Surgery truly is life changing, and in the aftermath there’s so much to look forward to – great vision, no more of the inconveniences that glasses and contacts can sometimes bring either as well as a new found confidence. But what about your post surgery aftercare? This topic often weighs heavy on patients. Here Optilase, Ireland’s No.1 Eye Surgery Clinic gives you the lowdown on what you can expect.

Post Surgery
You’ve had your surgery, and now it’s time to relax and let our medical team
explain everything about the aftercare programme. Believe us when we say that at Optilase, you’re in the best hands possible. The team will give you a post-operative information pack containing eye drops and a schedule of when to take them. This will also include our 24 hour patient helpline number should you need any more information.

Lifetime care guarantee
Optilase offers a free Lifetime Care Guarantee as part of our ongoing commitment to patients and will provide you with a thorough aftercare programme for the 12 months following your Laser Eye Surgery procedure. Depending on individual cases, this may contain an average of four post-operative appointments to attend throughout the year.

After the first year of check-ups, you’ll be discharged from our aftercare programme, but don’t be a stranger – Optilase’s doors are always open if you’re ever unsure of anything or have any questions regarding the treatment.

Free consultation and convenient opening hours
With clinics nationwide and flexible opening hours including weekends and late evenings, including Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Cork, Optilase’s experienced team would be delighted to welcome you for a free consultation.

Ireland’s No. 1 Laser Eye Surgery Providers
Let Optilase, Ireland’s leading laser eye surgery provider take you on your Laser Eye Surgery journey! Since 2003 Optilase has been well known as Ireland’s most trusted private eye surgery clinic, performing over 40,000 eye surgeries since its inception in the market – making it a household name that can be trusted. We have Clinics throughout the Island of Ireland.

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