Laser Eye Surgery for Myopia

Myopia (short-sightedness) is caused when the eye doesn’t bend or refract light properly to a single focus. This means it’s very difficult to see images clearly, and although objects held close to you look clear, distant objects are blurred.
You may notice symptoms like eye strain; find yourself squinting to see things, have trouble seeing objects that are far away like road signs, and might even develop headaches.
Aside from the frustration of not being able to see objects that are far away, people with the myopia have a higher risk of developing a detached retina, which is a very serious condition.

See Clearly at Optilase Eye Clinics

The good news is that the cornea can be reshaped to improve your focus, and remove the need for corrective eyewear. Optilase Laser Eye Clinics have perfected state of the art diagnostic equipment to ensure your vision problem is correctly evaluated, so that you can then receive the most suitable procedure for you.
The benefits are immediate and life-changing; advances in the field of Laser Eye work have been astounding in recent years and Optilase Laser Eye Clinics offer the world’s most advanced technology and techniques, in a friendly, professional environment.

Correct Assessment and Treatment

They use a cool beam laser, ‘Excimer’, to gently reshape the cornea and correct the focus so your short-sightedness is resolved. This eliminates the need for corrective eyewear and can make a huge difference to your vision.
After an extensive assessment process to determine the most suitable treatment for you, and answer all of your questions, they’ll organise a consultation with your Ophthalmic Surgeon. When you come back to the clinic for your procedure, you’ll be well taken care of by the whole Surgical Team.
The procedure only takes a few minutes, and Optilase provide a comprehensive aftercare service to ensure you’re 100% happy and vision-perfect.
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