Laser Eye Surgery for Hyperopia

author_thumb December 9, 2013
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Long-sightedness or hyperopia can make simple, everyday tasks such as reading the newspaper or checking your texts an awkward affair, especially when you have to pull out a pair of glasses in order to see things clearly. That and there can be something about needing glasses to read or see objects up close that can be instantly aging.

What is hyperopia?

There are two main biological reasons behind the development of hyperopia in the eye: either your eyeball is too short or your cornea is too flat.


With hyperopia, distance vision is not a problem because light that enters the eye lands on the retina at the back of the eye, so it can send clear images to the brain without a problem.


But when it comes to near vision, the eye cannot correctly manage the light that enters your eye and it falls behind the retina rather than on it. This is why your vision is blurred.


What happens light in the eye?

Light rays that enter the eye do not just beam straight onto the back of the eye, but instead they have to undergo the process of refraction.


Refraction involves the bending of light and in the human eye it takes place in the cornea and the lens. Light sensitive cells on the retina then absorb the refracted light.


Your cornea has a higher refractive power than the lens, which is why the cornea receives corrective treatment.


Symptoms of Hyperopia

Usually people are diagnosed with hyperopia during childhood, but sometimes the condition can appear in adulthood.


Signs to look for are eye strain, fatigue, pain around the eyes, squinting, or headaches.


How does Laser Eye Surgery correct hyperopia?

Laser Eye Surgery works to correct hyperopia by removing the outer edge of your cornea so that the curve of your cornea becomes steeper and your refractive index increases. The middle part of your cornea is untouched during the procedure.


The increased curvature in your cornea will allow light to bend correctly and focus on the retina instead of overshooting the mark.


What’s the next step for treating my hyperopia?

If you are ready to say goodbye to your glasses for good and are interested in the permanent results that Laser Eye Surgery offer hyperopic patients, then the next step for you is to book a free consultation to get the ball rolling.


For more information or to book your free consultation now in any one of our clinics across Ireland, call 1890 301 302.

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