Laser Eye Surgery for Ellie Balfe

Festivals & Lasers By Ellie Balfe – Professional makeup artist and acting beauty editor for IMAGE magazine.


Hello, there!


Hope you had a great weekend. Here in our online home we’re feeling a little tired, but a lot invigorated from a really good weekend at the Body & Soul festival. We saw some great art (Maser, we love you, too!), we heard great music (Nick Cave and Solange we heart you), hung out in the Radio Shack, dancing ‘til our feet were sore and we explored the magical forests in the twinkly darkness (did you see the Alex & Ani chandelier? – so, so beautiful!).


This week is going to be an exciting one for me. And a life-changing one in fact; I’m getting laser eye surgery on Thursday. Now, I’ve worn glasses for my short-sightedness since I was twelve years old, and trust me –that’s a long time ago! So, it’s been huge decision to make for me; I am nervous of several things; the obvious – any pain, the fact that it’s my eyes – my only ones. I also have another slightly odd one, which is that I quite like my glasses- they are part of me and part of my image, I guess. When I mentioned this to friends and family, they all squealed, “but you look good in glasses”, so that made me doubt my decision… But the idea of waking up and being able to see… I mean, really – that’s a joyous thought. I went to visit the people at Optilase and they allayed ALL my fears (and they may give me Valium if I’ve worked myself into a bit of a state by the time Thursday comes around), so I’m doing it. I really am. I’m terrified but have high hopes. And I may even put clear lenses in my frames and keep on wearing my glasses from time to time. Or maybe I won’t. I’ll keep you posted…


Ellie x