Kilkenny Hurler Padraig Walsh has Laser Eye Surgery

Padraig Walsh, top hurler for Kilkenny, recently received PRK treatment here at Optilase. PRK treatment combats the common conditions short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism (irregular corneal shape).

Star Treatment for Kilkenny Hurler

As a Hurling Star Padraig Walsh knew laser eye surgery could make a difference, not only to his daily life but to his game too.
Ian O’Riordan of The Irish Times recently interviewed Padraig about the upcoming Allianz Hurling League. Padraig Walsh had been wearing glasses since his teenage years and now 24, post-surgery has already noticed in his hurling. Padraig confirms “I got the surgery before Christmas and I think it’s definitely made a difference, already!”
PRK can often be the best option for sports people due to the nature of how the procedure is performed and the eye heals. It is also the best choice for people under 40. This simple procedure is followed up by wearing a specialist contact lens for five short days, giving the eye time to heal and adjust.

The Future of his Game

Padraig is looking ahead to his games for Kilkenny with optimism, “With the upcoming All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, not wearing contacts has really upped my confidence playing Hurling for Kilkenny and I couldn’t be happier with the results from Optilase. I am so glad I had laser eye surgery treatment with Optilase, it has improved my vision and my game so much.”

The Price of Perfect Vision

Many sports people, including Tiger Woods, Brian O’Driscoll and Rory McIlroy has had Laser Eye Surgery to better their game. 

Standard Laser Eye Surgery treatment is available from €795 per eye.
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