I don’t like wearing reading glasses, but am I too old for surgery?

At a certain point in life, your body will start reminding you that it’s not as young it used to be and it needs some help to carry out daily tasks, such as wearing reading glasses to read the labels on jars, type text messages, or read the Sunday paper.


When you need reading glasses to see print clearly when it’s up close, it is a sign that you are suffering from presbyopia. This merely means your eyes too have fallen victim to the ageing process, usually some point after you turn 40.


Presbyopia is a completely natural and gradual process that can also be treated with corneal inlays -either the KAMRA Inlay or PRESBIA Microlens – at Optilase, so as to eliminate the need for those instantly-ageing reading glasses.

What is a corneal inlay?

A corneal inlay like KAMRA or PRESBIA works similar to a contact lens but with the added bonus of never needing to be removed, and it doesn’t need any care at all once it has been inserted by your Optilase eye surgeon.


While a contact lens is placed in front of the eye following a particular eye care regimen, a corneal inlay is inserted beneath the surface of the cornea, and only in one eye.


Once implanted, the corneal inlay works to correct your ability to see objects up close clearly, by correctly focusing light that enters your eye.


Both inlays available at Optilase are designed to be bio-compatible with the human eye, so that they are well tolerated by the cornea; permeable so the nutrient flow is uninterrupted for ongoing corneal health.


During your free consultation, your eye health and level of presbyopia will be examined in order to determine which procedure best suits your individual needs.


KAMRA uses an inlay designed to control the amount of light that enters the eye when focusing on near objects by using a pinhole effect, like the aperture of the zoom feature on a camera.


PRESBIA involves a slim microlens with varying refractive power being placed in a corneal pocket created by a femtosecond laser.


Both are proven solutions to reading glasses, with patients reaping the rewards of restored near vision.


To find out if you are a suitable candidate for KAMRA or PRESBIA, book your free consultation on 1890 301 302 or visit www.optilase.com/reading-glasses/