How Presbia Works to Solve your Near Vision Problem

Presbia is the procedure available exclusively from Optilase in Ireland that uses a carefully designed, super-thin corneal inlay to solve near-vision problems caused by presbyopia.

Why our Vision gets worse with Age

Presbyopia happens when our eyes get old and tired. The natural lens in the eye, which usually bends and moves to help focus light entering the eye to make a clear image on the retina, gets stiffer and less mobile.


So too do the cillary muscles needed to squeeze the lens into shape to focus. The net result is an inability to focus on objects that are close to the eye; people have to hold things far away to see them properly.

How the Presbia Corneal Inlay Works

The Microlens or inlay used in the Presbia procedure is very slim and is bi-compatible, which means the body accepts it without any negative reaction. Only one inlay is needed for the procedure, and it gets implanted in the dominant eye, which solved the problem for both eyes.


The central, inner zone of the Presbia Flexivue Microlens™ contains no refraction, and is used for distance vision (so when you look into the distance, light passes through this central part with no refraction and is focused sharply on the retina).


The peripheral, outer zone of the lens contains the refractive power for near vision correction (so you can see close objects clearly as the light gets focused sharply on the retina). Your eyes become trained to adapt to this, and even though the inlay is only in one eye, your brain perceives it through both.

Reversible, removable and replaceable

One of the great advantages about using a corneal inlay is that if the patient’s vision needs change-if they need a stronger prescription or have other eye issues as they age-the Presbia Flexivue Microlens can be removed very easily. A different strength can be put in for you if you need a stronger prescription, and the procedure is as quick and easy as the original implantation.


If you are reliant on corrective eyewear to see close up due to ageing of the eye, why not get a free consultation to see if Presbia might be the answer for you.


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