How Optilase makes laser eye surgery affordable for everyone

Considering laser eye surgery? Understandable – if it is good enough for celebs like Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman, it’s a no brainer for you. Laser Eye Surgery is a way of permanently correcting your vision.

However, if the price has been putting you off, let Optilase assure you that 20/20 vision is within reach – and your price range!

First though, how does laser eye surgery work?
The procedure uses a special type of laser to gently reshape the surface of the eye. In order to correct certain vision problems such as, nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Over 30 million people worldwide have chosen to undergo this quick, painless and yet life-changing procedure, to achieve 20/20 vision. Laser eye surgery gives you the opportunity to live a life free from the inconvenience and cost of having to wear glasses and contact lenses.

What are the types of laser eye surgery I can get?
There are two types of laser eye procedures called LASIK and LASEK/PRK. The key difference between these procedures involves the method of preparing the cornea. LASEK, also referred to as PRK, was the first type of laser eye surgery for vision correction and is the predecessor to the popular LASIK procedure.

• LASIK laser eye surgery treatment involves creating a very thin circular ‘flap’ in this outer layer of the cornea, using a laser surgical tool (femtosecond laser).

• In LASEK surgery, instead of using a laser, the surgeon simply loosens the top layer of cells of the cornea using a special solution.

Why Optilase?
As Ireland’s leading laser eye clinic, we offer the very highest level of patient care including a lifetime care guarantee, the safest and most precise technology, at the most affordable prices.

Standard Treatment: A standard treatment will cost you €795 per eye.
Wavefront iDesign: Advanced Wavefront Intralase costs €1,495 per eye.

Optilase offers interest free finance plans and patients can also avail of 20% tax relief on the cost of the treatment – not to mention the fact that 99% of patients recommend us!

Optilase was the first independent laser eye clinic in Ireland. The 100 per cent Irish-owned company is a major success story, optimistically bucking the recessional trend, and investing in the economy.

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