How laser eye surgery at Optilase can solve your short-sightedness

If you have been squinting or straining to see things in the distance clearly, it is time to get your eyesight checked at Optilase and explore the world of laser vision correction.

For long-term glasses wearers when you struggle to see clearly even when wearing your favourite pair of specs, it can be a signal that your prescription has yet again increased.

This can only mean one thing – new glasses to add to your already impressive collection that you have acquired over the years.

When you add it up, eye test + lenses + frames + additional extras, you can soon find yourself out of pocket to the tune of hundreds of Euros or more because you are unlucky enough to have poor eyesight.

If you have had enough of lenses, you can choose to trade in your glasses for good and enjoy the lifelong benefits that Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase offers those with short sightedness.

What exactly is short sightedness?
Myopia or short sightedness is one of the most common eyesight problems in Ireland.

When a person is unable to see objects in the distance clearly, it is causes by a refractive error in the eye. A refractive error relates to how light is changed in the eye to allow a person to see.

To see clearly, light must land directly on the retina but those with short sightedness often have a cornea that is too steep or an eyeball that is too long.

Either of these scenarios is the refractive error which causes incoming light being focused in front of on the retina.

Correcting your short sightedness at Optilase
Short sightedness can vary from being very mild to moderate with a person’s prescription usually increasing with age until the condition eventually stabilizes.

Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase can correct mild to moderate levels of short sightedness. During your free consultation at any Optilase clinic, you will undergo a thorough eye exam and questionnaire to ensure that you are eligible for Laser Eye Surgery.

The procedure itself sees the cornea being permanently reshaped so that light in the eye can land directly on the retina.

Results are instant with patients enjoying perfect vision immediately after the procedure has taken place.

If you are interested in Laser Eye Surgery, book your free eye consultation at Optilase on 1890 301 302.