How Effective is Laser Eye Treatment?

Eye Surgery has enjoyed tremendous advances in medical technology and is now one of the most successful, simple and effective surgeries available.
Optilase Clinics use the very latest in top-grade medical lasers and equipment, and the success rate for laser eye surgery is high with 9 out of 10 patients experiencing improved vision following laser eye treatments.

Not everyone is a Candidate for Laser Eye Treatment

Patients should always research the procedure beforehand, and the Optometrists at Optilase will answer all of your questions. Laser Eye Surgery isn’t suitable for everyone, which is why Optilase offer a free consultation to all of their potential patients.
All patients should have a clear understanding of the potential risks involved in surgery and talk you through the various options available.
LASIK, LASEK and PRK laser eye procedures vary in complexity and technique and success rates vary as a result; so in order to manage your expectations you should always have a detailed discussion with the Optilase team.

The Laser Surgery Procedure

The procedure is extremely swift and painless, and is controlled by precision laser with a built-in tracking mechanism to ensure constant, total accuracy and allow for any eye movement.
Before laser eye surgery begins, the patient will be given a local anaesthetic in the form of eye drops. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, a small cut is made in the cornea to create a flap.

Laser Eye Treatment is Swift and Accurate

The flap in the outer part of the cornea will be folded back so that the middle part of the cornea is revealed. The laser will work on this part of the eye to reshape the cornea according to your individual requirements, depending on your particular vision issue.
Once the laser work is complete, the piece of cut corneal tissue will be replaced onto the newly shaped cornea-it forms a natural bandage and heals very quickly.
It is possible to have both eyes treated on the same day, but this is a decision you will need to make with your Optilase consultant.
The laser procedure will last approximately 30 seconds for each eye. The patient will usually be in surgery for about 30 – 35 minutes, which will cover preparation time, briefing by the surgeon, etc. The eye is covered by a patch for the next 24 hours to protect it. Vision may be blurred for a few days following surgery. Most patients find they are well enough to return to work within a week of surgery.
If you’re tired of depending on corrective eyewear, call Optilase on 1890 301 302 to book a free consultation – it could really change your life.