Get Rid of Astigmatism for Good at Optilase

Corrective Laser Eye Surgery will help you say bye-bye to annoying astigmatism and accompanying refractive errors.
If you are completely dependent on glasses or contact lenses to see properly, and your astigmatism is moderate to severe, you’ll get headaches, eye strain and eye fatigue every time you remove your glasses.

Classifications of Astigmatism

Astigmatism has many classifications, but in general there are two types of astigmatism: regular astigmatism and irregular astigmatism. If you’ve been correctly diagnosed, you’ll know by the type of corrective eyewear you currently use.
If a dot is seen like two perpendicular lines, it is regular astigmatism. These lines are produced by the steepest and flattest meridians of the cornea. Cylindrical lenses are used to compensate for regular astigmatism.
On the other hand, if the astigmatic eye sees many lines, it is irregular astigmatism. This means that the cornea has many irregularly shaped meridians at different angles. Unfortunately, people with irregular astigmatism cannot see well with glasses, but they can benefit from hard contact lenses.

More than just Astigmatism

Chances are you have a combination of refractive errors. The following list will provide you with a more detailed explanation about classes of astigmatism to help you understand your condition better. Regular astigmatism may have 5 sub-classes.

  1. Simple hyperopic astigmatism: One meridian is emmetropic (normal), while the other is hyperopic.
  2. Simple myopic astigmatism: One meridian is emmetropic (normal), while the other is myopic.
  3. Compound hyperopic astigmatism: Both meridians are hyperopic but one is more severe.
  4. Compound myopic astigmatism: Both meridians are myopic but one is more severe.
  5. Mixed astigmatism: One meridian is myopic, while the other one is hyperopic.

Astigmatism can be treated with LASIK. Sometimes when the astigmatism is severe, astigmatic keratotomy (AK) is performed after LASIK treatment.
For irregular astigmatism, it’s better to measure the eyes’ refractive power point-by-point with wavefront devices rather than relying only on the conventional refractive measurements. Custom LASIK treatment of irregular astigmatism with wavefront and corneal topography data is a quantum leap in the correction of the refractive errors.

Say Goodbye to Glasses

The Team at Optilase has state-of-the-art equipment as well as years of experience in the field, and can assess you and your refractive issues correctly and accurately. They will tell you if you are a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery, as not everybody is.
If you are a candidate, you can look forward to finally achieving autonomy from your corrective eyewear and enjoy a whole new outlook-in every sense.
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