Eleanore Hutch Q&A for Optilase blog


Irish Journalist, Eleanore Hutch, recently underwent life-changing PRK laser eye surgery treatment with Optilase. We sat down with Eleanore to find out all the details of her Optilase journey and how it feels to have finally ditched her contacts.

What made you decide to get Laser Eye Surgery?
I was just sick of spending that extra five minutes putting lenses in the morning, and I honestly could not imagine going back to that. It used to be so annoying always having to order lenses and making sure I had enough if I was going away or anything like that. I have a new lease of life!

What has been the main difference you’ve noticed since your Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase?
Not having to even think about lenses or glasses. It’s so nice to even wake up on a Saturday morning and not be fumbling for the specs to go on the iPad or read a paper.

Many people feel a bit nervous about the treatment. Did you have any preconceptions about Laser Eye Surgery before getting it done?
I didn’t really and it was just as I expected it to be. I found the whole thing made me a tiny bit squeamish but it was over in a flash – literally!!

How did you find the recovery period?
There was a day or two where I was a bit ropey but it passed quickly and it’s a small price to pay.

How did you find the aftercare process?
The aftercare process is so beyond wonderful I cannot describe it. From the encouragement during the op itself to the care package for afterwards to the follow up appointments, everything has been exceptional.

Do you find that Laser Eye Surgery has made your life easier?
One thousand per cent!

Finally, would you recommend laser eye surgery at Optilase to others?
Hell yes! Book your appointment now and you will not look back. Pardon the pun.