Don’t let Presbyopia Slow you Down: Optilase can Help

If your eyes are getting old, but you still feel like a 25-year-old at heart then it may be the case that reading glasses don’t fit your image and you are looking for a modern solution to your near vision problems. Well, look no further, because the Presbia Flexivue Microlens™ is just what you need!


There are very few surgical options available to patients of a certain age that offer a truly lifelong benefit, which is why the Presbia corneal inlay is becoming increasingly more popular as a lasting solution in treating presbyopia.

Don’t give away your age with reading glasses

Many sufferers of presbyopia have never needed glasses in their lifetime, so when the condition presents itself sometime after the age of 40, the idea of donning a pair of instantly-aging reading glasses is not really something they want to do.


This is why the Presbia corneal inlay is the perfect aesthetically-pleasing option, as it is invisible to the naked eye and the minimally invasive and completely safe procedure takes less than ten minutes.

What exactly am I putting into my eye?

The concave-convex inlay is made from a copolymer of hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) and methylmethacrylate (MMA). The former is highly soluble and is used in the manufacturing of contact lenses, while the latter contains an ultraviolet blocker to help protect the eye from any sun damage.


The refractive index of the Presbia inlay is 1.4583 and is able to transmit over 95% of light at wavelengths above 410nm, making it suitable for presbyopic patients with prescriptions ranging from =1.25D to +3.50D.


The Presbia microlens is completely transparent making it barely discernible once implanted into the middle layer of the cornea of your non-dominant eye to create a bifocal optical system.

Sizing up the Presbia inlay

The microlens is only 3mm in diameter and incorporates both neutral and positive refractive power so that near vision is corrected and distance vision remains unaffected.


Designed to work in harmony with the cornea’s metabolism, at the centre of the inlay there is a 0.15mm hole that allows oxygen, fluid and nutrients to pass through to maintain the natural biological processes of the eye.


If Presbia is something that would fit into your lifestyle and you would like to find out more about the procedure, call to book a free consultation on 1890 301 302.