Do I Need Laser Eye Surgery?

If you feel one or any of the following are true, you would benefit from exploring the idea of Laser Eye Surgery.
Glasses and contacts can be troublesome, expensive, and easy to break or lose.
I play sports/run/swim and would like to be able to lead an active life without glasses, contacts or having to wear prescription goggles.
I would like to wake up in the morning and see my alarm clock without having to scrabble around for my glasses, or be blurry until I put my contacts in;
Contact lenses are high maintenance; I’m tired of buying solution, bringing it on holiday, losing the lenses, etc.
I feel there’s a barrier between me and the world with corrective eyewear; I’d like to see with my own eyes.
My blurred vision makes me feel a bit helpless and vulnerable.
I don’t like having to wear glasses; they affect my self-esteem and I find contact lens too fiddly.
All of the above are reasons for people to get Laser Eye Surgery. They’re also the reasons that people are so delighted with the results; Optilase see every delighted patient satisfied with their results and feeling free from corrective eyewear. It’s a new lease of life for many.
If you are near-sighted, farsighted or astigmatic, Optilase can help. If you’re over age 40 and also have presbyopia or cataracts, other surgical options may be even better for you.
Book a free consultation with Optilase and see how we can help you by calling 1890 301 302 today; there’s a clinic near you.