Difference between KAMRA and PRESBIA

As the natural lens ages, its ability to ‘accommodate’- that is, to alter shape to provide focus on objects at all distances- begins to fail. Laser Eye Surgery can restore some of the functions of our natural lens, and now there are options for correction of Presbyopia.
Corneal Inlays will fix your Focus
Presbyopia affects all of us after a certain age; the aging of the lens is inevitable and many of us have trouble focusing on near objects. Corneal Inlays are an extremely effective way to restore the abilities of focus to your ageing eyes.
Kamra and Presbia Flexivue Microlens are both types of corneal inlay, each doing something slightly different. Inlays are typically inserted into a tiny corneal pocket, and they improve near vision by creating a central myopic area (Presbia) or increasing the depth of focus (Kamra).
How Corneal Inlays Work
Each has a different mechanism of action, and each gets implanted into the non-dominant eye-you only need to have one inlay implanted.
They both work slightly differently-the Kamra increases the depth of focus through a sort of pinhole, like the zoom feature on a camera.
The Flexivue Microlens changes the central refractive index in the eye and focuses image properly on the retina.
A femtosecond laser is used by the Optilase Ophthalmic surgeon in each case; he can create a tiny little flap or pocket and slip the corneal inlay neatly into place.
Easier Life with Corneal Inlay
Inlays are great for presbyopes (people with presbyopia) of pre-cataract age; usually in your 40s. They are so very tiny that they’re really more or less invisible to the naked eye-and remember, you will only have one inlay in one eye.
The difference a corneal inlay like the Flexivue Microlens can make is really quite astounding; near vision is instantly improved as correct focus is restored. As distance vision isn’t impacted at all, the procedure is great for those whose distance vision is just fine but who have to wear reading glasses for close work.
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