Tailored specifically for you – Customized Laser Eye Surgery

For absolute accuracy and a truly individualized approach to Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase, patients have the option of undergoing a 100% customised correction with a CustomVue WaveFront procedure.


Laser Eye Surgery corrects refractive errors that cause blurred vision by reshaping the cornea at the front of the eye.


Refractive errors are also known as lower order aberrations and include short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism, are found in the cornea.


However, like fingerprints, no two corneas are the same which is why sometimes there can be more than a single lower aberration present.


In these instances, the entire surface of the cornea can be effectively corrected with CustomVue WaveFront at Optilase to eliminate lower and higher order aberrations.

Diagnosing your vision errors

All patients of Optilase will undergo a free eye consultation to evaluate their eligibility for Laser Eye Surgery and whether their eyesight prescription would be more suited to a WaveFront correction.


To identify the extent of aberrations in the cornea, it will be scanned thoroughly using a WaveScan device at Optilase.


WaveScan technology is unique in that it can identify imperfections in each eye 25 times more accurately than a routine eye exam.


By scanning for vision errors from the centre of your cornea to its outer edge, WaveScan technology has the ability to recreate an exact map of your cornea and its individual errors.

Mapping out your Laser Eye Surgery

Patients will experience no discomfort during the WaveScan procedure as it only involves projecting a beam of light into the eye for a mere few seconds.


This beam of light undergoes the normal refraction process in the eye when it passes through the cornea, lens and eye fluid to reach the retina.


When the beam is reflected back from the retina to the WaveScan device, it contains all relevant data about how the eye treats incoming light.


This data is then translated to create a complex map of your cornea surface in each eye so that a tailored programme of Laser Eye Surgery can be created.

Computer-controlled correction

The exact nature and extent of errors present in each cornea as outlined from the WaveScan are programmed into a computer-controlled Excimer Laser, which is the type of laser that contours the surface of cornea to eliminate all aberrations.


The procedure lasts no longer than Standard LASIK at Optilase, allowing for patients who undergo WaveFront to experience perfect near and distance vision in 30 minutes.


To find out more about WaveFront Laser Eye Surgery at Optilase, book your free consultation on 1890 301 302.