Create a new vision for 2020 with Optilase, Ireland’s leading Laser Eye Surgery Provider

Create a new vision for 2020 with Optilase, Ireland’s leading Laser Eye Surgery Provider

Problems with your eyes? Wondering whether Laser eye surgery might be the answer? Why not let Optilase, Ireland’s leading laser eye surgery provider help. Since 2003 Optilase has been well known as Ireland’s most trusted private eye surgery clinic. And with a number of Clinics throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland, we’re only a call away.

Our Promise
At the top of their game in Ireland, Optilase has a reputation for delivering vision and sight correction with outstanding patient care, safety, and successful results. Our world-leading Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons have carried out over 50,000 successful eye surgery procedures to date. Our focus is on trust, reliability, quality and care – and that’s our promise to you.

Our Expertise
But what makes Optilase Ireland’s most trusted eye surgery provider? A combination of different factors; we use the latest state of the art technology and employ top surgeons, nurses and optometrists from all around the World and we are passionate about providing the best patient experience and care, from initial consultation through to final check-up.

But more than that, because our patients are always at the core of our business, we operate flexible opening hours (including weekends and late evenings), so we can build your consultation, treatment and after-care around your busy schedule.

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Ready to take the next step and find out more? We offer a free one hour consultation process that could be life changing for you. Our experience means that we’ve had thousands of happy customers leave our Clinics feeling like they can see like never before, why not check out some of our testimonials for an insight into what your laser eye surgery journey with Optilase will look like!

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For more information on Optilase and the services we offer call 1890 301 302 now, and we promise – you’ll see the difference!