Correct your Reading Vision with Presbia – No More Glasses!

Eyes get old and fail, just like the rest of the body. There are a huge number of people who still have excellent distance vision, but annoyingly find they must rely in reading glasses to see clearly up close. Books; papers; small print-all are a blur to people who suffer from Presbyopia, or ageing of the eye.


As our eyes get old, the once flexible crystalline lens gets harder and stiffer, making it more difficult to squeeze into shape when the eye is trying to coral light to forma clear sharp image. The cillary muscles around the lens get weaker too, and have difficulty tightening around the stiff lens.

Hate wearing Glasses to Read?

As the eye starts to lose the accuracy of focus (or ‘eye accommodation’) on near objects. ‘Eye accommodation’ is what our eye does physiologically when it adjusts our crystalline lens to bring objects near the eye into sharp, clear view. Younger eyes without presbyopia increases their optical power by adjusting the curve the lens automatically.


Presbyopic eyes can’t do this anymore, and the result is that the eye can’t get the light focused onto the retina to make a clear picture, so people with presbyopia have to rely on corrective eyewear to prevent blurring.


Many people hate having to wear glasses for reading, as they don’t like that outward sign of ageing!

Revolutionary solution to Presbyopia with Corneal Inlays

Until recently there was no cure for presbyopia. Now, advances in ophthalmology make it possible to correct near vision with extremely clever corneal inlays.


Corneal inlays are implantable devices, biocompatible with the body, which are surgically inserted just under the superficial layer of the cornea.


There are a couple of different types of these corneal inlays, but they’re all microscopically thin; and the general idea is to allow the eye to correctly adjust for clear focus for near vision without any additional eyewear; the correction is happening within the eye, with the aid of the inlay.

Presbia Procedure Quick and Easy

Exclusive to Optilase in Ireland, the Presbia procedure allows the easy implantation of a corneal inlay in just one eye-the dominant eye-to allow patients experience perfect near vision while maintaining the unaffected distance vision. They can dispense with reading glasses completely.

Presbia Corneal Inlays are Removable

Another great advantage of Presbia is that the corneal inlay is completely removable, so that is the patient needs a stronger correction to their prescription as they get older, the inlay can be slipped out of the pocket in the eye and replaced without any trouble.


To find out if you are a candidate for Presbia, just call 1 890 301 302 to book your consultation. You can meet with an Optometrist for a completely free assessment to find out if you would benefit from Presbia.


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