Choose A Summer of 20:20 Vision With Laser Eye Surgery

Why not greet the summer with crystal-clear vision and be free of the many constraints of wearing contact lenses and cumbersome glasses? Apart from the physical discomfort and awkwardness or wearing glasses and gritty lenses, even a simple weekend away requires a detailed check list of what to bring, from cases, solutions and eye drops to prescription sunglasses (we just might be lucky!). Imagine having perfect vision, day in and day out, without being tied to and dependent on glasses and lenses?


This is indeed the gift of laser eye surgery. Most patients will tell you stories of seeing their own environment in a whole new light, noticing small details that were previously not visible with their lenses or glasses. Many people prefer to wear lenses over glasses and very often, the sight is a lot less sharp than wearing glasses. For these patients in particular, laser eye surgery really is life-changing.


The best advice is to speak to the best. Optilase is Ireland’s leading laser eye surgery clincs and has a state-of-the-art clinic in Cork at 19B Opera Lane. Optilase uses only the most advanced, precise and safest technology in the world as well as the revolutionary ‘blade-free’ IntraLase technology. The clinic’s experi­enced team comprises resident Con­sultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Dr Conall Hurley from Cork; Laser Optometrists Marie O’Keeffe FAOI and Dan O’Brien FAOI; Clinic Manager, Louise Carty also from Cork, along with a dedicated medical team.


To arrange a free consultation or for further information phone: 1890 301 302 or email